Established in 1937, Crompton Greaves is one of the world`s leading engineering corporations in the management and application of electrical energy. In 2012, the company took huge leaps in energy saving for it’s customers by introducing smart meter technology that studied usage patterns to regulate the flow of electricity. Since this technology would lead to enormous savings for the consumer, the theme chosen for the 76th annual report was ‘We put all our energy into saving yours’

Itu Chaudhuri Design was hired to create the report and build content for the theme pages. I was tasked with designing the report whose visual language resonated the chosen theme. I expressed the theme on the cover by creating a layout with a meter like interface to provide the visual connect of a smart meter and drive home the point about energy saving. The theme was extended inside by treating the typography in interesting ways and creating content specific icons on the theme pages, where the main message was narrated to the shareholder
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